Embed a Facebook Album on your Webpage

4.26.2013: Important Notice: This is an outdated version of the fbAlbum code.

I'll be updating this code generator soon, but for now please visit Zach.Lysobey.com/projects/fbalbum for the current code, instructions, and demos. Also feel free to drop me a line: Zach@Lysobey.com

For those of us who have been looking for a way to embed Facebook Albums in our personal web pages look no further

You can get your facebook photo album on your own website with just a quick copy-paste.

Note that this only works for albums from "pages". I do not believe it works for profile pictures or personal photo albums

Contact Zach@Lysobey.com with any questions

Visit Zach.Lysobey.com/projects/fbalbum for advanced options, or to post comments.

Simple Installation Instructions for Noobs

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